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Life Insurance is simple - pay a relatively small premium to protect against catastrophic loss.

Benjamin Franklin was probably the first insurance salesman in America. Back in 1752 he and other prominent Philadelphians formed an insurance company to insure against losses from fire.

Back then, as now, reducing risk to one person by spreading the risk among many is the cornerstone principal of insurance.
We buy fire insurance to spread the risk of our house burning down. We buy life insurance to spread the risk of a breadwinner, or business partner dying early, and we buy disability insurance to spread the risk of becoming disabled.

For the payment of a relatively small premium, we are able to reduce the risk of catastrophic losses.

Life Insurance 101

No one really wants to think about life insurance. But if someone depends on you financially, it’s a topic you can’t avoid. Getting life insurance doesn’t have to be hard (or boring). We have some answers to common questions about life insurance so that you can make informed decisions about protecting your loved ones financially. 

Disability Insurance 101

Think about it. What would happen if suddenly, due to an illness or injury, you were unable to work? The ability to earn a living is far and away most people’s largest “asset.” Learn how to protect your income if you become unable to work in the event of an injury or illness.

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Life insurance isn’t for the people who die. It’s for the people who live.

Michael, 32, was a fit and healthy family man. As he left to run a 10K race, he kissed his wife, Traci, good-bye along with newborn Calvin and “big” sister Josie. He never made it home. As he crossed the finish line, Michael collapsed and died. The Kovacic family would never be the same.

Traci says the hardest part for her was knowing that the love of her life was never coming home. “But the reality is that everything else stayed the same,” she says. “The paychecks stopped immediately, but I still had to keep the lights on, buy food, pay the mortgage and take care of the kids. Having life insurance meant I didn’t have to make any immediate decisions or sell the house. The life insurance saved us—and it still does today.”

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Thanks to disability insurance a family is able to maintain their lifestyle.

Scott Rider’s healthy life changed when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at just 47. The cognitive and physical limitations caused by the disease meant he had to give up the profession he loved.

Fortunately, he purchased disability insurance when he was just starting out and increased it as his salary grew, which enabled him and his family to maintain the lifestyle they’ve always known.

Annuities 101

Annuities are financial products that guarantee a steady stream of retirement income. They offer tax-deferred growth potential while you’re saving for retirement, and dependable income after you retire – in some cases, income for life. You pay the insurance company one or more purchase payments (“premium”). In exchange, you get the benefits the insurance company guarantees through your annuity contract.

Annuities are designed to complement other financial products as part of your overall retirement strategy. They offer important features and benefits that can help you accumulate for retirement, supplement your retirement income, and even help diversify your portfolio. (However, remember that diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.)

Why clients choose us?

Meltzer Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency based in Greater Boston. We specialize in fixed insurance products including Life Insurance - both term and permanent, Annuities, and Disability Income products. These traditional products provide straightforward protection and guaranteed income for you and your family.

Through our strong, diverse partnerships with industry leaders, we can offer the best cutting edge products and strategies to provide you with the insurance you need, at every stage of life, that best fits your budget. As a participating agency in the Sage Tuition Program, many of our policies will include a free college scholarship tuition rewards program. These college reward points can be utilized to help any loved ones in your family with college tuition.

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